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The Most Comprehensive Bone Densitometry with CAD

BonPlus, applied the intelligent algorithm system, will guide you the bone density assessment in the faster and more accurate ways. It offers you smart and accurate tools to support the early detection. Especially the CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) technology allows you to improve the confidence.

The exquisite and convenient process

  • • The best bone density image with the cutting edge digital sensor (TFT-Amorphous Selenium)
  • • Radiographic absorptiometry : the convenience applying RA (radiation absorption) method
  • • Little difference from DXA method (radiation absorption)

Secure the accuracy calibrating the bone density with 12 steps of the Hydroxyapatite phantom

  • • Get the diagnosis result within short time through the automated whole processes  (take within 1 min up to print out the diagnosis result)
  • • The local standards of T-score and Z-score
      : The standards of bone density in Korean standard women, upon conducting the sample test to various age groups of Korean women and setting the reference data
    • → T-score : Standard of bone density in 20 ~ 30s age groups of young adult females
    • → Z-score : Comparison data of bone density with the same age group 

Excellent reproducibility

  • • Reliability within 3% of reproducibility error range for the sample test
  • • Comparison the bone density assessment of BonPlus with DXA type According to the test results to compare the derived BMD values of radiation absorption method (BonPlus) with DXA method on taking the phantoms of different densities, the correlations of the BMD values between both methods were 99.7%. (Sanbon Hospital of Wonkwang University, July 21, 2007)
  • ※ DXA refers ‘dual radiation absorption method.’

<Correlations of BMD values between the radiation absorption method of BonPlus and DXA method> Correlation coefficient: 99.7%>

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