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Stereoscopic Biopsy

Advanced Interventional Breast Solutions

Every woman has possibilities of breast cancer and they deserve a diagnostic procedure as minimally invasive as possible. MEDI-FUTURE is committed to providing accurate and effective breast biopsy for all your patients. It is designed so exquisitely that every physician can take clinical confidence, accuracy and comfort in biopsies. We believe that our mission to create women’s health and beauty can be realized by advanced interventional breast solutions.

#Less invasive

#More convenient

#Simpler process

# Better detection of microcalcifications and suspicious lesions

Clinical Cases

• Medical Institution : Dep. Of Radiology , Seoul National University Hospital Bundang

• Clinical Test Period : June 20, 2011 ~ in progress(Feb. 27, 2012, 21 Cases)

• Clinical Test Equipment : LeadStereo (SenoRX EnCor, 7G Probe)

1. Left Breast Procedure

Calcification clusters are concentrated in the close to the chest wall from the center of nipple

2. Reconfirmation prior to the procedure

After insertion of Vacuum Probe, Reconfirmation the exact needle positioning

3. After Procedure, Confirmation of the result

Confirmation of the decrease of calcification around the vacuum probe after sampling

4. Confirmation of the specimen

    ※ Significant to report
  • • Success rate of 84.6% for the case of 35~38mm depth
  • • Success of the case of old age patients whose are 62 and 71 years old
  • • Upright and decubitus positioning are available
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