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Breast Care


Radiologist’s Review Workstation


The Unique Streamlined Workflow for Your Efficient Review

MammoVU, dedicated to breast imaging workstation, provides great functionality and streamlined workflow for efficient review of digital mammography. It consists of a software system that obtains breast imaging screening or diagnosis exams from PACS or Modalities displays and manipulates the images for radiologists to perform interpretation task. It can also interface with a reporting system to generate an interpretation report. In addition, it helps radiologists to read digital mammograms accurately and quickly.

One-Click” Workflow

"One-Click" Workflow

To streamline mammogram reading from opening a study to generating a report by single click (The user can decide to skip any of the above steps by changing the user configuration settings)

  • • Increased efficiency optimized for mammography
  • • Customizable mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocol sequences
  • • Support for beast US, MRI

Viewing Screening Studies with Multiple Priors

To streamline comparing current exam to multiple prior exams
The system provides 8 diagnostic layouts to automatically arrange up to 4 studies
(1 current study plus 3 prior studies) on the same display screen for side-by-side comparison of the changes to a possible abnormality

  • • Current images are high-lighted in all hanging protocols
    to minimize the risk of misdiagnosis from priors
  • • Easy to understand patient’s case studies

Systematic Perception Viewing

To enhance perception of subtle radiographic abnormalities

  • • Horizontal mask, a vertical mask and an oblique mask

The systematic viewing approach is based on the expert viewing methodology that has been developed for viewing films.
By use of these masks, special attention can be given to asymmetric densities in regions with a high probability of malignant lesions.

All Pixels Viewing

To provide the ability to view all the actual pixels in the images,
with optimal reading speed

Navigating through the grid boxes can be achieved either by scrolling the middle mouse button wheel, or by using the arrows in the toolbar icon

  • • Unique all pixels viewing approach for efficient searching through all pixel data
  • • No need to manually pan and zoom the images to view all pixels at full resolution

Reporting Capability

  • • Automatically populates the diagnostic findings to a Mammography Reporting System
  • • Generates recall form and screening repots
  • • Reports can be printed, emailed and/or stored to PACS and/or RIS
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